Light Microscopy

Due to the current pandemic, the Microscopy Core Facility has applied special restrictions and rules, which you can find here:

The Microscopy Core Facility provides access to several high-end microscopes at two locations at the Venusberg. At the BMZ 2 (Building 12) the instruments are specifically suited for imaging living cells while at the neurology (Building 82) the microscopes are oriented towards measuring (fixed) tissue sections and large organs. Furthermore, at the neurology we also offer electron microscopy and sample preparation for EM. For more details have a look at the electron microscopy page.

The table below gives you an overview of the different light microscopes installed at the MCF. The “search” field below can be used to filter the entries of the table so that you can identify microscopes, which provide the required features. E.g. you can find “confocal” or “super resolution” microscopes that are made for “fixed” or “live” imaging.

Feel free to contact us and we will discuss your projects with you to find the most appropriate imaging technology for your needs.

MicroscopeType (general)Type (specific)StandSpecial featuresContact personLocation
Zeiss Observer.Z1WidefieldInvertedLive cell imaging, dual camGabor HorvathBMZ 2
Olympus IX81WidefieldInvertedHannes BeckertNER
Zeiss AxioScan.Z1WidefieldSlide scannerBoxed (upright)Fully automated, Robotics for 100 slidesHannes BeckertNER
Zeiss CellDiscoverer 7WidefieldHigh-content screeningBoxed (inverted)Fully automated,
Robotics for 24 plates
Gabor HorvathBMZ 2
Leica SP5ConfocalPoint scannerInvertedLive cell imaging, FLIM, FCSGabor HorvathAnatomy
Leica SP8ConfocalPoint scannerUprightCleared tissue imaging, FLIM, Long working distance objectivesHannes BeckertNER
Visitron VisiScopeConfocalSpinning DiskInvertedLarge tissue imaging, live cell imagingHannes BeckertNER
Abberior STEDYCONConfocal / Super-resolutionPoint scanner / STEDInvertedHannes BeckertNER
Leica SP8 LightningConfocal / Super-resolutionPoint scannerInvertedLive cell imaging, DeconvolutionGabor HorvathBMZ 2
Leica Stellaris 8Confocal / Super-resolutionPoint scannerInvertedLive cell imaging, Deconvolution, FLIMGabor HorvathBMZ 2
LaVision Ultramicroscope IILightsheetLaser scannerUprightLarge, cleared specimen imagingGabor HorvathBMZ 2

Location: BMZ 2 (Geb. 12)

The instruments at this site are specifically suited for imaging living cells. If you want to use one of the microscopes from that location, please contact Dr. Gabor Horvath.

Wide-field microscopes

Confocal microscopes



Stellaris 8

SP8 Lightning

Location: Neurozentrum (Geb. 82)

The instruments at this site are oriented towards measuring tissue sections and large organs. If you want to use one of the microscopes from that location, please contact Dr. Hannes Beckert.

Wide-field microscopes

Confocal microscopes






We also have a Zeiss Crossbeam 550 – an scanning electron microscope (SEM) with a focused ion beam (FIB). If you are interested in investigating the ultra structure of samples, please also get in contact with Dr. Hannes Beckert.