Leica SP5 AOBS with SMD confocal microscope

Location: Anatomy Building, Untergeschloss, Nussalle, Poppelsdorf Campus

Technical information:


Magnification Type NA Immersion
10X HCPL Fluotar 0.30 dry
20X HCX PL APO 0.70 corr any
63X HCX PL APO 1.20 corr water
63X HCX PL APO 1.40 oil


Argon, multiline (458, 476, 488, 496 and 514 nm)

DPSS (561 nm)

HeNe (633 nm)


environmental chamber


automated water-immersion pump


LAS AF v2.7.3

Wizards: FRAP, FRET, FCS, FLIM, MatrixScreener

SMD unit

The SMD (Single Molecule Detection) unit contains adjustable-frequency pulsed-lasers and sophisticated single-photon counting detectors for lifetime imaging (FLIM) and correlation spectroscopy (FCS).

PicoQuant hardware and software components

Lasers: 405, 470 and 640 nm

Detectors: 2 x SPAD

Filters: CFP / YFP, GFP / AF647, neutral split, polarization split


Deutsche Forschungsgemainschaft (DFG, German Research Foundation) – Projektnummer 169331223