Electron Microscopy

Due to the current pandemic, the Microscopy Core Facility has applied special restrictions and rules, which you can find here: https://community.ukb.uni-bonn.de/

In the Microscopy Core Facility we also offer electron microscopy and sample preparation for EM. In most cases we will define a project and set up a price based on that project. So, do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your proposed projects. Most often the electron microscope will be operated by core personnel, however under special circumstances we also consider training people on the EM or sample preparation.

If you are interested in investigating the ultra structure of samples, please get in contact with Dr. Hannes Beckert.

Sample Praparation and EM technologies

The MCF offers the following sample praparations and electron microscopy techniques:

  • Embedding and heavy metal staining for conventional EM (e.g. EPON, Durcupan)
  • Ultramicrotomy for ultrathin sections
  • Freeze substitution for correlated light and electron microscopy (e.g. in HM-20)
  • Immunogold staining (pre- / post-embedding)
  • Array tomography
  • 3D Nanotomography (Dual beam, FIB-SEM)
  • Scanning transmission electron microscopy
Crossbeam 550