You want to publish data acquired with support of the Microscopy Core Facility?

Please, consider the following information regarding “Authorships” and “Acknowledgements”:


The core facility personnel may have contributed significantly to your research project (e.g. conception of experimental design, full sample preparation and service imaging, experimental optimization, scientific and technical project discussions, etc.). Authorship may also be appropriate according to good scientific practice. Payment for our services does not argue against an authorship, as the finacial charge can be consider for the temporary employment of personell and the purchase of consumables. Both would also apply for internal group members. More information can be found at and at


The DFG requires you to mention any use of the Core Facility as an acknowledgment in publications. In accordance with the DFG recommendations we ask you to use the following phrase in the acknowledgment section and provide the project number for all microscopes that you have used for that particular publication (you can find the project numbers in the table below):

“We would like to thank the Microscopy Core Facility of the Medical Faculty at the University of Bonn for providing support and instrumentation funded by the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG, German Research Foundation) – project number xxxxxxxxx

Microscope type Microscope name DFG project number
Wide-field microscope Zeiss Observer.Z1 13123509
Slide Scanner Zeiss Axio Scan.Z1 388168919
High-content screening microscope Zeiss CellDiscoverer 7 388158066
Confocal microscope Leica SP5 AOBS with SMD 169331223
Confocal microscope Leica SP8 AOTF 266686698
Spinning Disk Microscope VisiScope CSU-W1 with VS-Homogenizer 388169927
Confocal microscope Leica SP8 AOBS super-resolution 388159768
Scanning electron microscope Zeiss Crossbeam 550 388171357


List of publications with MCF acknowledgements:

Kim H, Melliti N, Breithausen E, Michel K, Colomer SF, Poguzhelskaya E, Nemcova P, Ewell L, Blaess S, Becker A, Pitsch J, Dietrich D, Schoch S., 2024. Paroxysmal dystonia results from the loss of RIM4 in Purkinje cells. Brain. 2024 Mar 13:awae081.

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PMID: 32247064

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List of publications with MCF authorships:

Paulussen, I., Beckert, H., Musial, T.F., Gschossmann, L.J., Wolf, J., Schmitt, M., Clasadonte, J., Mairet-Coello, G., Wolff, C., Schoch, S., Dietrich, D., 2023. SV2B defines a subpopulation of synaptic vesicles. Journal of Molecular Cell Biology mjad054.

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