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… offer access to complex and innovative methods, cutting-edge technologies as well as corresponding IT infrastructure.


It is not all about instrumentation, it is about the people that walk in every day and work, talk, discuss and do research.


Find some opportunities to learn, to meet and to exchange knowledge. Besides, there might be catering.

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  • State promotes center for genome sequencing in North Rhine-Westphalia: Research for better prevention, diagnosis, and treatment
    The analysis of the human genome opens up completely new possibilities for diagnosis, treatment, and therapy for patients. With the help of genome sequencing, scientists are increasingly understanding the impact of genetic changes on a person’s health or illness. This was the reason why the  West German Genome Center (WGGC) was founded in 2019 as a…
  • Malfunction in spermatogenesis
    For successful fertilization, sperm should move forward rapidly and be shaped correctly. The unique structure of the sperm cells forms during spermiogenesis. Now, researchers from the University Hospital Bonn (UKB) and the Transdisciplinary Research Unit “Life & Health” at the University of Bonn…
  • Possible cause of male infertility
    Mature spermatozoa are characterized by an head, midpiece and a long tail for locomotion. Now, researchers from the University Hospital Bonn (UKB) and the Transdisciplinary Research Area “Life & Health” at the University of Bonn have found that a loss of the structural protein ACTL7B blocks spermatogenesis in male mice. The cells…
  • New findings on hair loss in men
    A receding hairline, a total loss of hair from the crown, and ultimately, the classical horseshoe-shaped pattern of baldness: Previous research into male pattern hair loss, also termed androgenetic alopecia, has implicated multiple common genetic variants. Human geneticists from the University Hospital of Bonn (UKB) and…
  • Researchers decode new antibiotic
    More and more bacterial pathogens are developing resistance. There is an increasing risk that common drugs will no longer be effective against infectious diseases. That is why scientists around the world are searching for new effective substances. Researchers from the University of Bonn, the German Center for Infection Research (DZIF)…
  • The Core Facility Nanobodies and the Institute of Experimental Oncology receive funding from BONFOR Instrument 9 for the development of a novel Nanobody screening-platform
    In March 2022, the Core Facility Nanobodies together with Prof. Tobias Bald…

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