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… offer access to complex and innovative methods, cutting-edge technologies as well as corresponding IT infrastructure.


It is not all about instrumentation, it is about the people that walk in every day and work, talk, discuss and do research.

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The Competence Hub for Spatial Biology brings together expertise in method development, technology application …

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  • New insights into our immune system
    Dendritic cells play an important role in setting the course of our immune system. However, what determines their heterogeneity and functional specialization is still not sufficiently understood. An international collaboration consisting of researchers from…
  • Breakthrough in brown fat research
    Researchers from the University of Southern Denmark, the Novo Nordisk Center for Adipocyte Signaling (SDU), the University of Bonn and the University Hospital Bonn (UKB) have found a protein that is responsible for turning off brown fat activity. This new discovery…
  • How immune cells communicate to fight viruses
    Chemokines are signalling proteins that orchestrate the interaction of immune cells against pathogens and tumours. To understand this complex network, various techniques have been developed to identify chemokine-producing cells. However, it has not yet been possible to determine…
  • Navigation software supports kidney research
    Many kidney diseases are manifested by protein in the urine. However, until now it was not possible to determine whether the protein excretion is caused by only a few, but severely damaged, or by many moderately damaged of the millions of small kidney filters…
  • State promotes center for genome sequencing in North Rhine-Westphalia: Research for better prevention, diagnosis, and treatment
    The analysis of the human genome opens up completely new possibilities for diagnosis, treatment, and therapy for patients…
  • Malfunction in spermatogenesis
    For successful fertilization, sperm should move forward rapidly and be shaped correctly. The unique structure of the sperm cells forms during spermiogenesis. Now, researchers from the University Hospital Bonn (UKB) and the Transdisciplinary Research Unit “Life & Health” at the University of Bonn…

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