Sample Transfer

Living Cell Culture

The MCF can provide a mobile incubator for transfer of living cells from one location to the other. The Cellbox allows stable CO2 and temperature conditions during transport to make the transfer as gentle as possible for the living cell cultures. Especially for the on-campus transport we also provide a pedelec that you can rent for carrying the incubator from one place to the other.

The primary purpose of the Cellbox and pedelec is to transport living cells to the MCF microscopes on the Venusberg Campus, however if you would like to use the Cellbox also for other target locations, feel free to contact us at

Fixed samples for EM

Usually, we can receive fixed samples for EM either in fixative or in buffer after fixation. However, due to the necessity for different fixative solutions for different EM protocols, please discuss the details with the MCF staff before fixing the samples.