Leica SP8 AOBS with Lightning super-resolution confocal microscope

Location: BMZ 2, 2OG.303

Technical information:


Magnification Type NA Immersion
10X HCPL Fluotar 0.30 dry
20X HC PL APO CS2 0.75 corr any
40X HC PL APO CS2 1.10 corr water
63X HC PL APO CS2 1.20 corr water
63X HC PL APO CS2 1.40 oil



Diode (405 nm)

Argon, multiline (458, 476, 488, 496 and 514 nm)

DPSS (561 nm)

HeNe (633 nm)



4 x HyD detectors for the best signal-to-noise ratio

Resonance scanner (8 kHz) for fast live imaging with minimal photo-toxicity

Environmental chamber




LAS X v3.5.5

Wizards: FRAP, FRET, Lightning, Live Data Mode, Dye Finder, 3D Visualization, Navigator


Lightning deconvolution software

The Lightning module automatically detects the finest structures and details. The key  is an adaptive process for extraction of hidden information in the image. Unlike traditional deconvolution techniques, that use a global set of parameters for the full image, Lightning calculates an appropriate set of parameters for each voxel to uncover every detail with the highest fidelity.
The Lightning detection concept extends the confocal microscope by simultaneous  multi-color super-resolution imaging at the full original speed.



Deutsche Forschungsgemainschaft (DFG, German Research Foundation) – Projektnummer 388159768