Abberior STEDYCON super-resolution microscope

Location: Building 82, UG1 056

Technical information:

The Abberior STEDYCON is a module on our Olympus IX81 wide-field microscope. The STEDYCON can be used for super-resolution STED imaging but also for conventional confocal imaging. STED is available for 640nm laser line and to some limitation for the 561nm laser.

Two channel STED image (NPC & Golgi) acquired with the same depeletion laser (775nm). Same region was also imaged with confocal mode for comparision. The third channel (DNA) is only confocal in both images.

STED objective

MagnificationTypeNAImmersionWD (mm)Coverslips (mm)


Manually controlled stage (no mosaic scans possible)

Excitation laser lines (Confocal)

405 nm (cw), 488 nm (pulsed), 561 nm (pulsed), 640 nm (pulsed)

Excitation laser lines (STED)

640 nm (pulsed), 561 nm (pulsed)

STED depletion laser

775 nm (pulsed)

Recommended STED dyes for our STED:

Single color STED: Abberior STAR RED
Dual color STED: Abberior STAR RED and Abberior STAR 580


3 single-photon-counting APD modules (Detection bands: 500-550nm; 580-630nm; 650-700nm)


Browser-based Abberior control software