Ayoxxa-Chip-300x142AYOXXA’s new multiplex protein detection platform, called LUNARIS™ is now available in the core facility. With ready-to-use BioChips and the respective Analysis Software, LUNARIS™ enables to quantify multiple protein targets in a single sample, particularly in areas where precious sample volume is a limiting factor.


  • measure multiple protein biomarkers in down to 3 µL sample volume
  • detect each biomarker in low pg/mL concentrations
  • analyze 3-4 log scale dynamic range
  • scalable from 32 up to 384 tests in commonly used MTP format
  • gaining insights with our new cytokine panel
  • integrate protein multiplexing into your daily lab routine

LUNARIS™ BioChips offer a new multiplex protein assay based on antibody-coated microspheres on a solid surface (BioChip). During chip production, bead families carrying capture antibodies specific for different targets are sequentially deposited, creating a unique pattern for every well. For identification the bead coordinates are provided as a chip-specific Decoding File. LUNARIS™ BioChips, decoding files, reagents and diluents are included in a ready-to-use kit while Base Frame, lid and Analysis Suite Software are provided as accessories.

Ayoxxa currently offers
LUNARIS™ Human 6-Plex Cytokine Kit96:
Analytes: IL-1β, IL-2, IL-6, IL-8, TNFα, VEGF
Matrices: serum, cell culture supernatant, aqueous humor and vitreous humor
Cat. No. LHC-10061S (1×32 well element) and LHC-10061 (3×32 well elements)
LUNARIS™ Mouse 6-Plex Cytokine Kit96:
Analytes: IL-2, IL-4, IL-6, IL-10, TNFα, IFNƔ
Matrices: serum & cell culture supernatant
Cat. No. LMC-10061S (1×32 well element) and LMC-10061 (3×32 well element)

For more information, please contact Dr. Oliver Gresch (oliver.gresch@ayoxxa.com; +4915167407528) or us under fccf@uni-bonn.de

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