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Dear all, we need to implement further restrictions to the use of the FCCF facility. We apologise for this constant upgrades, but the situation is constantly developing. The aim to is make sure as...

A comprehensive overview over all new devices of the Flow Cytometry Core Facility.

In 2018 the Flow Cytometry Core Facility was able to acquire five new instruments.

A FACSAria Fusion cell sorter, a second LSRFortessa cell analyzer and an ImageStream  image cytometer were granted by the DFG through a large device application. (“Forschungsgroßgeräte” nach Art.91b GG)

Special thanks goes to the excellence cluster “ImmunoSensation”and to the SFB TR57 .  A FACSMelody cell sorter and a Attune NXT flow cytometer could be purchased by their help. Furthermore, we could upgrade the Image Stream shortly after it was delivered, since we found out, that one of the planned experiments would require up to 20 hours of measurement time. This is definitely a job for an autosampler.

Melody cell sorter and second Fortessa are now ready to use.

The BD FACSMelody is a small and easy to use cell sorter, equipped with three lasers (405nm, 488nm, 561nm) and capable of detecting 11 parameters. This instrument is intended to be used without the assistance of a specialized operator. With the newly designed BD FACSChorus™ software, researchers are guided throughout the entire cell sorting process using advanced automation technology. It is designed to eliminate manual steps and has a really simplified workflow….

The BD LSRFortessa analyzer was acquired in order to eliminate the capacity shortages  of the existing Fortessa. The two  instruments have an identical configuration to facilitate the transfer of your experiments from one machine to another…

Flow Cytometry Day 2017

Tuesday, August 1th 2017, 10:00am Lehrgebäude Hörsaal Flow Cytometry is in some way not a classical hard science. There are sometimes several ways to get the answer for the question you asked. However there...