An introductory training and brief formal orientation is mandatory for all users before beginning use of the facility. Training is provided for use of the analyzers and the image cytometer. Cell sorters are usually run by core employees and all experiments must be discussed with and scheduled with a core facility employee in advance. More experienced users can be trained to use the FACSMelody cell sorter without assistance. We do not permit access to the instruments for users who were not trained directly by Core staff.

We, therefore, recommend the following procedure. First, you make an appointment with the core facility where we discuss the overall goals of your work and how to customize your experiments. When you have prepared your test samples according to the recommendations made during the initial meeting with the core facility, we will introduce you to the instruments making a basic acquisition setup with your samples. With this data we then will show you the possibilities of data analysis located at the core facility, thereby discussing any future recommendations for your experiments.

And last but not least, where to find us:

BMZII (Building 12)
Basement Room No. 01.220
(entrance: backdoor connection to the BMZI)
Venusberg-Campus 1
53127 Bonn

Please follow the link below for the official registration for the core facility.

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