Miltenyi-MagicBusWhenever somebody would show up and offer you a visit for free, to one of the world leading biotechnology companies, would you start thinking about that? And what if you would only have to enter the bus and leave an hour later to enter Miltenyis headquarter in Bergisch Gladbach, could you say no? Miltenyi will organise a day in their  facilities and they will also organise the bus to bring us there (and back again). So we would like to ask you to fill out the form below, if you are interested.

And here is the Agenda for Wednesday 30. September

8:30 Meeting point: Flow Cytometry Core Facility
Bus transfer to Miltenyi Biotec headquarters in Bergisch Gladbach
 Welcome and introduction to Miltenyi Biotec
 10:00  Compensation of spectral overlap – an introduction
 11:30  Compensation using MACSQuant® Instruments
 13:00  Lunch
 13:45  Guided tour through the Miltenyi Biotec campus
 14:15  Multicolor analysis and controls for flow cytometry
 14:45  Hands-on laboratory experiment: MACSQuant® Instruments, autolabeling, and measurement
 15:45  Applications of flow cytometry
16:30 Analysis of laboratory experiment
 17:00  Summary, Q&A, and feedback
17:30 Return from Miltenyi Biotec to Bonn by bus transfer

Looking forward to an exciting day at Miltenyi and here is the soundtrack.

Get in the queue, to get on the bus that takes us to …

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