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  • New Sony MA900 Cell Sorter for Operator-Free Cell Sorting
    Our new cell sorter is now fully installed and ready to use. It is an easy-to-use instrument, equipped with 4 excitation lasers and it can measure up to 14 parameters. It provides: 4-way sorting, bulk and single cell sorting, 1,5mL Eppies, 5mL FACS tubes, 15mL Falcon tubes, 30ml tubes, 96 well plates, 384 well plates,…
  • Cell Sorting User Survey:
    We would very much appreciate it if you could complete the following survey:
  • How AI could be used to educate 😉
    When you ask ChatGPT to write a children’s story about flow cytometry this happens. Isn’t it brilliant? #ai#chatgpt#flowcytometry#artificialintelligence Once upon a time, there was a little cell named Celeste. Celeste was a special cell because she was part of a big experiment. Scientists wanted to learn more about Celeste and all of her friends, so…
  • Christmas Greetings
    As an eventful year draws to a close, it is always a reason to look back and look forward. This year the Core Facility has acquired a brand new technology with our two new Sony ID7000 spectral analyzers. This technology provides the opportunity to greatly expand flow cytometric panels. With good panel design and some…
  • Second Spectral Analyser installed! (7 laser configuration!)
    The 7 laser configuration gives you increased panel design flexibility and more sensitivity due to less data spread after unmixing. For more details, read following technical note: Using the 320-nm Laser on the ID7000™
  • New Technology Available
    Sony ID7000 Spectral Analyzer The Flow Cytometry Core Facility is pleased to announce that after some time and effort, we finally have new technology available to our users. The difference between spectral cytometry and conventional cytometry is, that in spectral we have no longer a one-to-one ratio between colors and detectors. The emitted light from…