Dear users of the Flow Cytometry Core Facility,

first of all, we wanted to thank all our users for accepting and respecting the rules and regulations established to deal with the corona pandemic as responsibly as possible and to prevent further spread of the disease.

To keep things simple, you can find here, an updated list of the current measures:

  • Wearing a face mask and gloves is mandatory.
  • Only one person per instrument and only two persons per room are allowed.
  • Only one person allowed to receive instruction on the machine.
  • Disinfect the workspace (keyboard, mouse, surrounding surface) after measurement.
  • Fortessa I only for external users.
  • Canto II and Fortessa II only for internal users.
  • All other instruments (Melody, MACSQuant) can only be booked by the core facility staff. Please ask in advance, in case you need one of these instruments.
  • Any users that had contact with a confirmed coronavirus patient in the previous 14 days are NOT allowed to use our services. These individuals must follow the general regulations set in place by the federal and local authorities.
  • If you feel sick (even if it is only a little bit of coughing/sneezing), you are NOT allowed to use the Core Facility.

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