Cell sorting is mainly performed by experienced operators from the Core Facility. Three high-end, high-speed cell sorters are available:
BD FACSAria Fusion (biosafety level S2 approval), BD FACSAria III.
For operator free cell sorting of less advanced applications the Sony MA900 system is available.

BD FACSAria Fusion


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Sony MA900


Researchers are trained by Core Facility personnel to perform their experiments without assistance of an operator. The Core Facility takes care of seven analyzers from standard 3 laser, eight color systems to five laser, 18 color instruments. Users receive detailed advice and support on the choice of dyes and equipment that are best suited to answer their scientific questions.
Systems available include:
FACSCantoII (3X), BD LSRFortessa (2X), Miltenyi MACSQuant

Canto I
Canto II
Canto III

Fortessa I
Fortessa II

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Spectral Cytometry:

Spectral Cytometry acquires always the whole spectrum of the emitted light for each excitation laser and uses sophisticated unmixing algorithms to separate the signals from each fluorochrome. The advantages of this technology are, that scientists can combine way more fluorochromes in the same panel even if their emission spectra highly overlap. With the Sony ID7000 in the 5-laser configuration, you can to analyze up to 30 colors or evan more. Furthermore, cell-intrinsic autofluorescence can be treated as a color and unmixed as well. The Sony ID7000 in the 7-laser version has the benefit that the unmixing capabilities are improved with the result that you will have less data spread after unmixing. For huge multicolor panels this will improve the sensitivity of your experiments. Please contact us for detailed consultation.

ID7000 7L
ID7000 5L


Funding code: 01EO2107

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Imaging Cytometry:

Imaging Flow Cytometry combines the speed, sensitivity, and phenotyping abilities of flow cytometry with the detailed imagery and functional insights of microscopy. The Amnis ImageStream X MarkII imaging cytometer is fully equipped with three objectives and seven excitation lasers.
Researchers receive support in experiment design and data analysis by the Core Facility staff.

ImageStream X MarkII

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Bead Based Cytometry:

Multiplexed, bead-based analysis of cytokines, hormones or many other soluble bio-molecules can be conducted on a Flow Cytometer specially developed for this application: Luminex FlexMAP 3D

FlexMap 3D

External Instrument:

The new BD FACSymphony™ A1 Cell Analyzer brings sophisticated flow cytometry capabilities to laboratories of all sizes.