We are happy to announce, that our move to the new laboratory in the BMZII was successful.

Access to the building for external users is still a little bit tricky, though. Our facility is located next to the passageway to the BMZI in the Basement of the BMZII. The doorbells are still not installed and access for external users to the building has been requested but not yet completed. We recommend our users to go around the building to the backdoor and knock on the windows on the right side. This door will be the best way to enter the facility in the future anyway. If you get lost, just give us a call we will try to pick you up. 

The last Corona regulations are still in force:

  • Wearing a medical face maskgloves and a lab coat is mandatory. (if possible bring your own lab coat)
  • Only one person per instrument.
  • Only one person allowed to receive instruction on the machine.
  • Disinfect the workspace (keyboard, mouse, surrounding surface) after measurement.
  • Canto II and Fortessa II are still located in the laboratories of the IEI and reserved for internal users.
  • All other instruments (Melody, MACSQuant, Image Stream) can only be booked by the core facility staff. Please ask in advance, in case you need one of these instruments.
  • Any users that had contact with a confirmed coronavirus patient in the previous 14 days are NOT allowed to use our services. These individuals must follow the general regulations set in place by the federal and local authorities.
  • If you feel sick (even if it is only a little bit of coughing/sneezing), you are NOT allowed to use the Core Facility.

Please do not hesitate to call us under the known numbers if you have any questions.

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