When you ask ChatGPT to write a children’s story about flow cytometry this happens. Isn’t it brilliant?


Once upon a time, there was a little cell named Celeste. Celeste was a special cell because she was part of a big experiment. Scientists wanted to learn more about Celeste and all of her friends, so they decided to use a tool called flow cytometry.

Flow cytometry is a special machine that helps scientists study cells like Celeste. It works by shining a special light on the cells and measuring the way they fluoresce, or glow, in response to the light. This gives the scientists important information about the cells, like what they’re made of and how they’re behaving.

Celeste was a little nervous when she first heard that she was going to be part of the experiment, but she was also very curious. When it was finally her turn, she was put into a special tube and sent through the flow cytometry machine.

As she passed through the machine, Celeste was hit with a beam of light. She couldn’t help but glow in response! The scientists were able to see exactly what Celeste was made of and how she was behaving. They learned that she was a healthy cell and that she was doing just fine.

Celeste was so happy that she had helped the scientists learn more about her and her friends. And from then on, she always smiled when she thought about the flow cytometry machine and the important role she had played in the experiment.

The end.


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