Sony ID7000 Spectral Analyzer

The Flow Cytometry Core Facility is pleased to announce that after some time and effort, we finally have new technology available to our users. The difference between spectral cytometry and conventional cytometry is, that in spectral we have no longer a one-to-one ratio between colors and detectors. The emitted light from each excitation laser line is collected over the whole spectrum without the use of bandpass filters. Overlapping emission signals are not compensated for each detector separately but unmixed entirely. The advantages of this technology are, that scientists can combine way more fluorochromes in the same panel even if their emission spectra highly overlap. With our current 5-laser configuration, it is capable to analyze up to 30 colors or more. Furthermore, autofluorescences of the cells can be defined as additional colors and thus can be also unmixed. This is a real novum and for users working with highly autofluorescent cells like some tissue-resident macrophages, fibroblasts, or large cancer cells, this is a huge improvement. Interested users should contact us to discuss their projects before they get an introduction to this new instrument.

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