Intellicyt-SystemWednesday 10th June, 15:00, Lehrgebäude, Seminar Room 12, 2nd Floor

Did you ever think about going to high throughput in flow cytometry. I mean really high throughput. We saw a presentation of the Intellicyt technology and they said that they need for flow cytometric analysis less than 5 minutes for a 96 well plate and less than 15 minutes for 384well. This can be done by their

patented and proprietary technology, which enables extremly fast measurements  and can go down to a total assay volume below 10µL, with no dead vlolume. Thus making it superior to conventional flow cytometry for applications in systems biology, like screening of RNAi-libraries.

It also opens the door for significantly decreasing assay costs, e.g. for bead-based multiplexed cytokine analysis. Thus, experiments that cover more variants or factors can be designed at no additional costs even with limited sample sizes (mouse blood, patient material etc.).

And they also say that they have the software tools at hands to create a highly intuitive workflow-based environment for data visualization, instrument control, and data analysis.

We were impressed and invited Dr. Miguel Jimenez (Bucher Biotec) for a talk to present the technology. We will have the presentations in the Lehrgebäude (Seminar Room 12, 2. Floor) and we will continue with some hands on in the Flow Cytometry Core Facility (here).


15:00 -16:00     Presentation of the technology and examples for the broad range of applications in

  • immunophenotyping
  • functional cell assays (proliferation, apoptosis, cell binding)
  • bead-based assays for e.g. Cytokine secretion and detection of other proteins
  • combination of cells- and bead-based assays in one single measurement
The talk will be complemented by a short demonstration of IntelliCyt`s hardware and software in the lab of the Core Facility (please pre-register in case of interest, by sending us a e-mail

Looking forward to see you

Your Core Facility

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