Our expertise ranges from experimental design and study planning to data processing, bioinforma­tics, statistical analysis and visualisation. We offer bioinformatics services in

  • Statistical analysis and machine learning
  • Consulting on experimental design and methods
  • Single cell RNA-seq and RNA-seq (mRNA, miRNA, fusions etc.)
  • Exome and genome sequencing
  • Variant calling and Burden tests
  • Somatic mutation calling
  • Pathway enrichment
  • ATAC-seq and ChIP-seq
  • Mass-Spec based proteomics (LFQ, TMT, DIA, SILAC)
  • Metabolomic and lipidomics, MS analysis of pull-down proteins
  • Flow cytometry (FACS data)
  • Methylation and copy number variation analysis
  • Metagenomics and microbiome analysis

In addition, CUBA offers trainings in programming and bioinformatics analysis.

We apply a variety of tools with an emphasis on publicly available softwares like Bioconduc­tor and nf-core. Our own analysis pipelines are developed using R and Python programming languages and excecuted in a High Performance Computing (HPC) environment. Moving beyond standard analysis, e.g. for transcriptome and proteome data, we are aiming on more integrative multi-omics approaches, network and single-cell analyses.

Biological and medical research requires expertise not only in the area of interest but in multiple fields. These include computer science and statistics to analyse high volume data alongside physics and chemistry to factor in limits of your measurement device. Our expertise is centred around data and information linking all aspects of a scientific experiment. In this respect, coming from different backgrounds, we aim to bridge the fields, to integrate all relevant information and to provide meaningful analyses.