Costs (Changes in 2024)

Cost calculations for bioinformatics data analyses are based on the required resources. Consultancy is free of charge, in particular if aiming to empower the researcher to perform analyses independently or to support grant applications. The unit is primarily focused to facilitate research at the Medical Faculty of the University of Bonn.

We offer standard analysis packages for frequently analyzed omics- data types like RNA-sequencing and mass spectrometry protemics e.g. TMT data. For a standard RNA-Seq analysis package, which includes alignment, statistics, visualization and enrichment analysis, prices start at 600 Euro and depend on sample size and complexity. Costs of custom projects are calculated by working time and start with 400 Euro. Costs for regular occuring tasks like the processing of exome sequencing data (variant calling) are calculated per sample.

Please refer to our intranet page for more details on cost and contact us for specific information or cost estimates. We appreciate getting involved in the early phase of your project. The experimental design is important for the analysis and the success of the project.

Grant Applications

We support your grant applications with our expertise on bioinformatics and data analyses and welcome your applications. Please consider the Bonfor program at the Medical Faculty of the University of Bonn which regularly accepts submissions and which offers funding of core facilities as part of their grants.

Authorship and Acknowledgment

Please consider that your acknowledgement matters for us. Irrespective of reimbursement consider us for authorship and acknowledgement. The following guideline outlines which contributions are eligible for an authorship.