Partek Flow Help Session @ CUBA

The Core Unit Bioinformatics is planning to offer a session to all users of Partek Flow of Partek Flow. The session will address your questions, open issues and demonstrates the best use of the software.

Partek Flow is a browser-based software for easy-to-use analysis of next-generation sequencing data (like RNA-Seq and Whole Exome sequencing data) It is designed to allow the creation of simple to complex analysis pipelines with just a few clicks from any computer. The Institute for Genome Statistics and Bioinformatics (IGSB) hosts a Partek Flow server and provides access to the software to any employee of the university. Currently, two concurrent users can be logged in at the same time, while the number of accounts is unlimited.

If you want to use Partek Flow or want to join the help session and are not on the mailing list, please contact us at partekflow(at)

If you already got an account but have problems using the software or if you want to get a short introduction on how Partek Flow works, please come to our help session.


The session will take place on:

Tuesday 21.08.2018 9:00 to 10:30 am at the CUBA Office (Building 11, 2nd Floor, Room 601, Sigmund-Freud-Str. 25)

Please register here:


Partek Flow Server (IGSB). To upload your data to the local server, it is best to use sftp. There are programs for each operating system, which provide a GUI for easy transfer (e.g. WinSCP for Windows). Please upload your data to (e.g. using your Partek Flow password.

Additional information for Partek Flow users can be found at:

Partek Flow Tutorials

Partek Flow Pipelines


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