Restricted Services in the Core Facilities

Dear users of the Core Facilities, Dear Colleagues,

core facilites are a place to share instrumentation, spread information and support scienctists. People have to meet. But in order to fulfill  our part in reducing the impact and spread of the novel coronavirus, the core facilities have taken some definite decisions to reduce service and the risk of infection of users and staff members.

Facilities that provide self service instrumentation, like microscopy and flow cytometry have put together detailed regulations on how to access instruments and laboratories. You can find this information on the Intranet Pages, that can be reached while you are on campus or via Uni Bonn VPN. It is worthwhile to visit the pages regularly. We will keep the situation under constant review and will use this pages to update information. In the light of the current development, it would be reasonable to finish your experiments, assuming that a complete shutdown can not be excluded any longer.

For core facilites where users submit samples, i.e. mass spectrometry, NGS, Nanobodies, the core facilites are aware of risks and you should contact the core managers to make individual arrangements.

The Koordinationstelle wissenschaftliche Infrastruktur, KWI is now most of the time in HomeOffice. You can reach us via the published Mobile Phone numbers. We can arrange online face to face meetings via Skype or group meetings using Zoom. Problems associated with Research IT infrastructure can be send via E-mail to See the post in our discussion forum.

We set up a discussion forum on the Intranet, available on campus and via Uni Bonn VPN. You can submit general questions, that might then be forwarded to a relevant persons. This is an experiment that aims at reducing E-mail clutter.  You can sign up on an Individual basis and subscribe to get notified, when replies show up. A “How to guide” is also published on the Forum.

The situation is all new to us, so please keep up thoughtfullness, sensibility and pragmatism. This is all challenging now and will be challenging in the near future. So please keep yourself up to date, for your own sake and your neighbour’s.

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