Acknowledging and citing core facilities

Key contributions to data lifecycle should be recognised in the scientific literature

By providing technological services and expertise […] core facilities and their staff have a strong impact on the scientific performance and output of their host organisation.

In the absence of a high number of publications, particularly as lead or corresponding authors, acknowledgements are used as a measure of a core facility and its staff’s output and impact.

The acknowledgement of a core facility goes beyond professional courtesy…


Participating institutions and funding:
The authors from the EU-LIFE Core Facilities Working Group ( acknowledge the support of EU-LIFE ( EU-LIFE is an alliance of research institutes whose mission is to support and strengthen European research excellence by acting as a voice for researchers and research institutions in European science policy and by promoting and sharing good institutional practices in scientific research and the research ecosystem across Europe. The commentary has received the endorsement of the Core for Life Network ( and by the France BioImaging Research Infrastructure (

Publication: K. Kivinen et. al.: Acknowledging and citing core facilities; EMBO Reports, DOI: 10.15252/embr.202255734

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