Forum Applied Bioinformatics starts in October

The forum aims to promote bioinformatics methods and skills in research. It is focused on best practice workflows, the appropriate choice of methods, tools and valuable web-resources rather than any particular scientific question. It is truly “applied” and brings together all interested scientists which (like to) apply bioinformatics analysis techniques. This includes bench scientists expanding their scope. The first session is scheduled for Thursday the 18th of October from 11:00 to 12:00 in building 11, 2nd floor, seminar room 601. Sessions will be informal and interactive aiming to foster exchange.

The Forum Applied Bioinformatics (FABI) is a community initiative and a result of the discussion among researchers here at the UKB. The Core Unit for Bioinformatics Analysis (CUBA) facilitates and supports this initiative. The success of this initiative will depend on your participation, input and contributions! Thank You!

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