Partek Flow Help Session – short report

The main purpose of Core Unit for Bioinformatics Analysis CUBA is to provide bioinformatics services in various branches of Omics studies. Parallel to that, we are planning to offer a series of workshops and short-term training courses to those who are either interested in or in need of having practical experience in analysing large-scale biological data by themselves.

In this regards, Jonas Hausen offered an excellent overview to Partek Flow, a web-based tool for analysing next-generation sequencing data. The lecture covered a step-by-step walk through for RNA-Seq data analysis with Partek Flow, from uploading raw data files into the server up to statistical analysis and report generation. The lecture was closed by a Q&A session in which the specific topics raised by the audience have been addressed.

You can obtain a copy of presentation slides by email request to Jonas Hausen.

Stay tuned for upcoming events.


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