The Core Facility Analytical Proteomics offers services for a broad range of protein analyses:

  • Identification and characterization of proteins
  • Detection of posttranslational modifications
  • Comparative quantitative analyses of complex proteomes.

We work in close collaboration with the Core Facility Translational Proteomics in order to share expertise, protocols, and ressources. Our common aim is to offer the best possible proteomics services to the scientific community in Bonn and beyond.

We apply ESI-LC/MS instruments to measure intact protein masses, identify proteins after proteolytic digestion (e.g. from polyacrylamide gels) or analyze post translational modifications. Our Orbitrap mass spectrometers with high resolution and sensitivity allow analyses of complex samples such as cell lysates. Our Orbitrap Fusion Lumos tribrid spectrometer is a modern instrument for quantitative analyses with or without isotope labeling, intact protein analyses, and advanced fragmentation schemes (e.g. ETD MSn).
We collaborate closely with the Core Unit Bioinformatics for design, characterization, visualization, and interpretation of complex data sets. We will support you in utilizing your data to develop meaningful working hypotheses and gain biological insights.

The data we provide can be very informative but also challenging, in particular the quantitative characterization of proteomes.
Therefore, early consultation with us in order to discuss the strategy, scope, and pitfalls of these experiments are essential to improve the chances for a successful mass spectrometric analysis