Human 3T MRI

Magnetic resonance imaging is a non-invasive imaging procedure that has become an indispensable part of modern medical research. The advantage of this method is that tissue types of varying density can be displayed in MRI images with different contrasts. This is especially true for soft tissues, so that many structures in the body can be depicted, from cerebrospinal fluid to white and grey matter as well as tendons, ligaments or cartilage.

Via the BOLD effect it is possible to observe neuronal activity in the brain (functional imaging, fMRI). Other examples for the application of MRI are diffusion tensor imaging (DTI) or angiography.

The Core Facility “Human 3T MRI” (CF-MRI) provides access to a modern MRI scanner (Siemens Magnetom Trio) for your research. The CF-MRI supports you in the implementation of your research project, for example in measurement planning, the creation and optimization of measurement protocols or troubleshooting, but also in the development and programming of your paradigms. To enable you to carry out your investigations independently, CF-MRI offers training courses. The goal is to ensure the highest quality in data recording and the safe execution of the investigations. CF-MRI offers support in accessing and pre-processing your data.