The use of the Core Facility Humanes 3T MRT is subject to a fee.

Costs for the use of the scanner are based on the flat rates from the DFG form 55.04. “Hinweise zu Gerätenutzungskosten und zu Gerätezentren” and the specifications listed therein.

In drawing up the costs to be reimbursed, a distinction is made between internal users, external academic users and other external users. Within these three status groups, the same usage costs apply. The prices also depend on the status of the users, in accordance with the respective legal and fiscal requirements.

The costs of use include the project-specific additional costs. In addition, for external users, personnel costs for the basic operation, service and maintenance contracts, maintenance costs, depreciation and reinvestment costs are included.

For members of the University of Bonn, the user fee is € 150 per hour, which corresponds to the DFG’s eligible flat rate.

For all other users, the fees are calculated according to the real costs. If you are interested in booking Core Facility services, please contact the Core Facility team. Contact