The Core Facility Nanobodies and the Institute of Experimental Oncology receive funding from BONFOR Instrument 9 for the development of a novel Nanobody screening-platform

In March 2022, the Core Facility Nanobodies together with Prof. Tobias Bald from the IEO received approval for funding through Instrument 9 – Innovations within Core Facilities.

The funding instrument is intended to ensure that the core facilities remain state-of the art and that new methods can be developed. The Core Facility Nanobodies will now be able to advance the development of functional nanobodies in the field of oncology. For this Dr. Menzel and Prof. Bald will establish a novel screening platform that will enable scientist to more efficiently select functional nanobodies. The project will be supported with an additional scientific position for two years and 12,000€ for supplies per year.

Applicants: Prof. Tobias Bald (Institute of Experimental Oncology), Dr. Stephan Menzel (Core Facility Nanobodies)

Further Applicants: Prof. Florian Schmidt (Institute of Innate Immunity), Prof. Jonathan Schmid-Burgk (Institute for Clinical Chemistry and Clinical Pharmacology)

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