Welcome to the Proteomics Core Facilities in Bonn.

Proteomics identifies and quantifies proteins comprehensively from a wide variety of biological samples.

The core facilities located in Poppelsdorf and on the Venusberg operate under one common virtual structure. We offer you a diverse set of methods to suit your needs.

Both facilities provide mass spectrometry-based services for protein identification and quantification but specialize on distinct applications. If you are not sure, which one to choose please contact us and we will consult you.

Analytical Proteomics

Campus Poppelsdorf

Marc Sylvester

Translational Proteomics

Venusberg Campus

Sebastian Kallabis

The following key points may guide your decision:

Experimental scope

  • basic research in life sciences
  • small to medium scale experiments (<100 samples) for protein identification
  • modification analyses
  • interaction studies validation experiments
  • clinical studies
  • primary human material
  • larger cohorts (> 96 samples)
  • quantitative proteome and peptidome profiling

Sample Types

  • any protein containing sample
  • liquid biopsies (plasma and CSF)
  • solid biopsies (fresh and FFPE fixed tissues)
  • cells isolated from peripheral blood

Preparation methods

  • peptide preparation from protein solutions or immobilized in polyacrylamide gels
  • isotope labeling
  • enrichment and fractionation methods
  • automated and standardized sample preparation

Measurement Methods

  • data-dependent or data-independent proteome profiling
  • targeted measurements
  • intact protein analyses
  • customized methods
  • high throughput measurements with high reproducibility and quality control