The Mass Spectrometry Core Facility offers services for a broad range of analyses with a focus on proteins. Techniques cover identification and characterization of proteins, detection of posttranslational modifications as well as comparative quantitative analyses of complex proteomes.

We apply MALDI-TOF and Ion trap-ESI-LC-MS instruments to measure intact protein masses, identify proteins after proteolytic digestion (e.g. from polyacrylamide gels) or analyze post translational modifications. An Orbitrap Velos hybrid mass spectrometer with high resolution and sensitivity allows analysis of complex samples such as cell lysates. This machine is also used for quantitative analyses with various stable isotope labeling strategies like SILAC and TMT.
We are currently expanding our bioinformatics tool box for characterization, visualization, and interpretation of complex data sets. We will support you in utilizing your data to develop meaningful working hypotheses.

The data we provide can be very informative but also challenging, in particular the quantitative characterization of proteomes. Therefore, early consultation with us in order to discuss the strategy, scope, and pitfalls of these experiments are essential to improve the chances for a successful mass spectrometric analysis.


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