Price-List: (internal prices)

Generation of new plasmids:

  • Generation of endofree plasmid DNA for viral production 75€
    (the user provides the complete plasmid, as bacteria stock or DNA aliquot)
  • Cloning of a new AAV, LV or RV vector (“simple” cloning strategies; all templates available)   700€
  • Cloning of a new AAV, LV or RV vector (“complex” cloning strategies: not all templates available: e.g. amplification from cDNA) 1100€
  • Cloning of shRNA AAV, LV or RV vectors (Includes generation of 2 specific shRNAs against the target gene, and one scrambled shRNA)  1000€

Viruses from stock facility :

  • 50 µl aliquot         65 €      
  • 100 µl aliquot     130 €  
  • 200 µl aliquot     260€
  • 400 µl aliquot     500 €

Viral Crude extracts for in-vitro testing

(HEK cell lysates, no purification, 500µL)          250€

Generation of new viruses:

(purification of particles through Heparin-column or gradient centrifugation)
(including coomassie staining and viral transduction test in primary neurons)

  • 400 µl aliquot (the user provides the endofree plasmid DNA)                  475 €     
  • 400 µl aliquot (the facility provides endofree plasmid DNA)                   550 €

Quantification via qPCR                  100 €