Research Infrastructures

BioBank Bonn

What is a biobank? Biobanks collect and store under standardized conditions biological samples of patients, such as tissue, blood, and urine, together with the associated data. The data includes information about the patient, for instance diagnosis and treatment. Therefore, biobanks are fundamental for clinical research, which aims to constantly improve diagnosis, prognosis, therapy monitoring, and treatment of patients.

Biobanks are strongly regulated to meet highest ethical and scientific needs as well as data protection.

The Medical Faculty of the University Hospital Bonn decided in 2016 to establish the BioBank Bonn as a service for physicians and researchers to support clinical research. In July 2016 the project manager, as first staff member of the BioBank Bonn, started to improve the already existing structures of the tissue biobank and the liquid biopsy biobank. The IMBIE supports the biobank by providing the IT-platform and implementing the database.

Center of Applied Medical Laser Research and Biomedical Optics

The development of advanced optical technologies in biomedicine opened new options in the fields of diagnosis and therapy. Fundamental advancements in laser, LED and sensor technologies offer forward-looking applications in translational research. The Center of Applied Medical Laser Research and Biomedical Optics (AMLaReBO) deals with basic and application-oriented research in laser medicine e.g. in the area of medical and dental surgical laser application, ophthalmology and theragnostics.

The Oral Technology at the Dental Hospital of the University of Bonn works in close cooperation with the Center of Applied Medical Laser Research and Biomedical Optics. The Oral Technology deals with research in the fields of experimental and theoretical biomechanics and materials science in dentistry. A focus are numerical analyses using finite element methods. The extensive facilities in surface and structure analysis of the core facility can be used to further develop 3D numerical models.

The Center of Applied Medical Laser Research and Biomedical Optics collaborates with the Center of Molecular Biotechnology (CEMBIO) at the University of Bonn, providing a comprehensive experience in techniques to be used in molecular medicine. Beside that, material sciences and biomechanics are also integral parts of this research group.

Clinical Study Core Unit

The Clinical Study Core Unit assists and coordinates the planning, preparation and conduct of clinical studies in the Clinical Study Centers of the different departments in accordance with Good Clinical Practice (GCP). This includes aspects of the actual study conduct and  project management as well as due representation of the responsibilities of the sponsors. The Clinical Study Core Unit provides quality management in lieu of the Dean of the Medical Faculty as sponsor of investigator-initiated trials. It also assists the individual Clinical Study Centers in the development and establishment of their structures.

The Clinical Study Core Unit of the SZB consists of the Institute of Clinical Chemistry and Clinical Pharmacology and the Institute of Medical Biometrics, Informatics and Epidemiology (IMBIE).