BioBank Bonn

What is a biobank? Biobanks collect and store under standardized conditions biological samples of patients, such as tissue, blood, and urine, together with the associated data. The data includes information about the patient, for instance diagnosis and treatment. Therefore, biobanks are fundamental for clinical research, which aims to constantly improve diagnosis, prognosis, therapy monitoring, and treatment of patients.

Biobanks are strongly regulated to meet highest ethical and scientific needs as well as data protection.

The Medical Faculty of the University Hospital Bonn decided in 2016 to establish the BioBank Bonn as a service for physicians and researchers to support clinical research. In July 2016 the project manager, as first staff member of the BioBank Bonn, started to improve the already existing structures of the tissue biobank and the liquid biopsy biobank. The IMBIE (Institut für Medizinische Biometrie, Informatik und Epidemiologie) supports the biobank by providing the IT-platform and implementing the database.


Center of Aptamer Research and Development

The Center of Aptamer Research and Development (CARD) is located within the Life and Medical Sciences (LIMES) Institute of the University of Bonn. CARD is centred on an automated aptamer development platform. This proprietary platform enables the fully automated generation of customized aptamers in a cost & time efficient manner. CARD is based on our long-term experience in the aptamer field, automation, and aptamer characterization. CARD is a non-profit institution, which allows scientists to access aptamers as research tools for a wide range of applications.

CARD offers effective service and support in the aptamer development process with the corresponding documentation. CARD is aiming to cover the need of academic and industrial researchers from biomedical, pharmaceutical and environmental fields for affordable and customized aptamers. For this service, we partner and collaborate with Dr. Marcus Menger’s group who heads the ‘Functional Nucleic Acid – Aptamer’ laboratory at the Fraunhofer Institute for Cell Therapy and Immunology (IZI) in Potsdam, Germany.


Chemical Analysis Platform

The analysis of chemical compounds is very important in pharmaceutical research and teaching. One of the fundamental duties of pharmacists is to guarantee the high quality supply of medicines to the public. In addition to qualitative analysis, quantitative analysis plays an important role. Pharmacists are trained to become experts in analytics.

The Department of Pharmaceutical & Medicinal Chemistry (Head: Prof. Dr. Christa E. Müller) is operating the platform Chemical Analysis which offers an analytical service for the entire pharmaceutical institute and beyond, e.g. for the PharmaCenter Bonn, and also for national and international cooperation partners.

(Follow this link for the German version of the platform webpage.)