Guide Lines

If you are interested in raising nanobodies against specific proteins or other immunogens, please contact us through the web interface below. We can discuss the possible application of nanobodies for your research and determine which modifications or expression systems are of interest for you.

In general, we need 2 mg of purified (soluble) protein lacking any fusion partners commonly used to increase solubility (GST, MBP, SUMO). Please use Tris or HEPES based buffers and stick to our antigen formulation info sheet, which is provided on request.

For phage display, the target protein will typically be immobilized on magnetic beads (biotinylated protein on streptavidin beads, Fc fusions on protein A beads, GST fusions on glutathione beads, MBP fusions on amylose beads). If already available, please provide target proteins appropriate for immobilization as well.

If purified protein is not available, we can support you with information on expression strategies, cooperating protein production core facilities, and commercial vendors. For difficult-to-express targets such as multi-span transmembrane proteins we can discuss different immunization and selection strategies, including DNA immunization and cell-based panning.