Organization and Communication

The KWI manages diverse tasks in the field of Organization and Communication for the Core Facilities of the Medical Faculty:

Our goal is to enable researchers to most effectivly use existing infrastructure and the corresponding expertise. The Faculty of Medicine hosts technologies and methods that are relevant to all areas of research that scientists currently work on. Our team serves as colleagues to talk to about project planning and cooperation with the core facilities, their laboratory equipment, as well as training and education.

Organization of research infrastructure

  • Maintaining the management systems of the core facilities and the associated Research IT Infrastructure
  • Offering help in getting on board to use the core facilities
  • People to talk to about Research Data Management


  • Running internet and intranet websites to foster information exchange among the users of the Bonn Technology Campus
  • Posting significant publications involving one or more Cores and keeping the event calendar up to date
  • Regularly publish additional material like the BTC handbook


  • Collecting and assessing performance indicators live
  • Creating the annual report for the Dean’s Office


  • Assisting in setting up and organizing the educational activities of the core facilities
  • Coordinating joint seminar series (e.g. BFB Theme Nights)