BenchSci – A.I. Driven Antibody Search

I recently came across an antibody search platform that many of you may find useful. (
BenchSci is a free online platform designed to help scientists find antibodies from publications. Their proprietary machine-learning algorithm was trained by PhD-level scientists to identify and understand the usage of commercial antibodies in the research literature.
When searching for a specific protein target, BenchSci curates published data in the form of figures to simplify the literature search process. The figures can then be filtered by specific experimental contexts cited in the paper such as techniques, tissue, cell lines, and more, to help users pinpoint antibodies that have been published under experimental conditions matching their study interest.
For more information about BenchSci, please refer to this article:
To learn how to navigate BenchSci, please watch this short video:
For further inquiries or feedback, contact Maurice Shen, the Head of Academic Relations at BenchSci, at